A group of us have come together and formed Acclimatise Whaley, a Community Interest Company. Our aim is to support the community across the Whaley Bridge area.

Sharing Resources

Ultimately we need to consume less as a community. To achieve this, without compromising our quality of life, we need to share resources and adopt a circular economy. This ethos will pave the way to a transition from our current throwaway society to a community that reduces, reuses, repairs and recycles!

Learning Together

We want to engage and support the community to learn together about climate change and ways to live more sustainably as a community. We want to encourage the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experiences as well as celebrating and communicating what has already been achieved in the Whaley Bridge Area.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We have set a target to ensure our community is 90% carbon neutral by 2030. We want to reduce the area’s carbon footprint through better public transport links, improving home energy efficiency and planting trees.

Generating Our Own Renewable Energy

We want to help the community, individually and in groups, to generate its own renewable energy by being a local source of information and facilitating practical projects.

Local Food - Local Flora

We want to support the community to increase the amount of locally sourced food we consume, that is to shop local, eat local and grow local. We will help our community to take practical action to protect and strengthen local species and habitats.


If you have any questions or want to get involved please email [email protected] or message our facebook page.

Please also follow us on instagram @acclimatise_whaley